Landscape Concept Plans

The second stage of works involves creating a Landscape Concept Plan. The main purpose of a landscape concept plan is to communicate the design concept and key ideas so that you can begin to visualise your new garden. It also helps to ensure a shared understanding of the project’s objectives, aesthetics, and functional requirements.

When we create your Landscape Concept Plan we divide it into three separate sections for clarity and communication.

  1. Materials Plan – shows layout, extent and type of materials and any structural elements in the design.
  2. Planting Plan – shows softscape treatments, including plant selection, placement and numbers as well as images of each proposed plant and a detailed planting schedule.
  3. Planting and material images – indicative images of the plant species and proposed materials so that you can develop sense of the colour, textures and form of the proposed design.

It’s important to note that a landscape concept plan is not a detailed construction document but rather a starting point for further refinement. Once the concept plan is approved, it serves as a basis for developing more detailed design drawings and specifications that will guide the construction and implementation of the landscape project.

Indicative price range: An indicative cost for professional design services is typically 10% of the total landscaping budget, and will depend on a range of factors, including the size and complexity of the site, the location and the desired garden style. Plantery will provide you with a detailed fee proposal prior to undertaking services so that you can plan your budget with confidence.

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Planting plan
Park plan - Plantery Landscape Architecture
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